Brian Parker is an editor and photographer from Northern Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University, an engineering school. You could say he was a technically-minded artist lost among the throngs of rocket scientists and engineers. Or something like that.

During his time at Purdue, Brian quickly found his sanctuary in the computer graphics department where he focused on visual effects and compositing. Even quicklier (that's a word now), he realized his passion for editing. He also enjoys banging his head against the keyboard during ingest. After a four-year undergraduate career into the dumpster fire that is most beginner student films, Brian is more committed than ever to establish himself as an editor people want to work with.

Over the course of a given week Brian consumes the equivalent GDP of a small island nation in coffee. Occasionally, he spills it too. His love of punk rock has lead him to own a small collection of vans and mosh-pit-induced bruises. He'll tell you about how he defended pop-punk, but that's a tale for his deathbed.

Brian is eager to expand his repertoire and grow as an artist, always looking for new and interesting projects to bring his talent to and learn from. He currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California where he is staving off his melting process.