Brian Parker is an award-winning editor, videographer, and photographer from Northern Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University, an engineering school. You could say he was a technically-minded artist lost among the throngs of rocket scientists and engineers. Or something like that.

Brian has worked with the likes of YouTube star Dan Henig as well as musical performers such as San Holo, MAX, Rozes, and PRXZM. His unique sense of rhythm and love of a good story has driven him to create music videos, commercials, and short films surrounded by great talent. Over the course of any given week Brian consumes the GDP of a small island nation in coffee. Occasionally, he spills it too. His love of punk rock has lead him to own a small collection of vans and mosh-pit-induced bruises.

Brian is eager to work with brands, musicians, and especially other filmmakers. His thirst to grow as an artist is what drives him to new and interesting projects to learn from and bring his talent to. He currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California where he is staving off his melting process.